3 Dollar Bill

Brooklyn's Premiere Queer Bar & Performance Venue

We are very proud and excited to open our doors and welcome the community into a space that represents our commitment to inclusion and the celebration of queer identity. We are a space for joy. We open as the largest queer venue in Brooklyn, and we look forward to providing this unique outlet that will allow everyone to express themselves as their fullest, most genuine, selves. From fabulous nights at the bar to incredible events with amazing sound and lights, 3DollarBill has arrived, and we’re ready to have a good time.


Front of House
1 Midas M32 Mixer
1 Midas DL-32 Stage Box

2 DBX Driverack 4800 (processing for all)

Main PA
8 JBL Vertec VT4888 Line Array (4 per side)
4 EAW BH760 Subwoofers with 2000w upgrade

2 EAW Avalon DC2, biamped (Side Fills)
3 EAW SM112 stage monitor
1 EAW SM115 stage monitor

2 Behringer iNuke 12000 amps (subs)
1 QSC GX5 amp (HF side fills)
2 QSC PLX3602 amps (LF Side Fills)
3 Crown XLS 2502 amps (stage mons)

Microphones and Accessories
2 ProCo 50ft 16x4 XLR stage box
3 Sennheiser e609
3 Sennheiser e604
5 Sennheiser 835
3 Sennheiser 935
2 Shure Beta-58 
2 Shure ULX wireless with SM58 Capsules
2 DBX DJ-DI stereo DI Box
6 K&M tall boom stands
4 Assorted straight stands
1 Short boom stand

1 Gretsch Catalina 4 pc drum kit (20/16/14)
1 Yamaha Hardware - 2 Cymbal stands, 1 Hi-Hat stand, 1 snare, 1 Kick pedal
1 Pearl chrome snare (14)
1 Guitar Amp

**we are rapidly building our backline and mic inventory, please inquire**



Booth Equipment
1 Pioneer DJM900 NXS2 mixer
1 Urei 1620 Mixer w/upgrade
2 Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS2
1 Pioneer CDJ 2000
2 Technics SL1200 Turntables

2 EVDX34 Loudspeaker Processor (on mains)
2 DBX Driverack 4800 (on side fills/EAW subs)
1 DBX 266XL Compressor (booth monitor)
1 Ashley GQX-3102 Graphic EQ (booth monitor)

Main PA
9 EV QRX212 Mid/Hi Speakers
6 EV MTL-1 Subwoofers
4 EAW BH760 Subwoofers

2 EAW Avalon DC2, biamped (stage fills)
2 JBL SRX738 full range loudspeaker (booth monitor)

10 QSC PLX3602 amps (Mid/Hi)
4 (sub amps)
2 Behringer iNuke 12000 amps (EAW subs)
1 QSC GX5 amp (HF side fills)
2 QSC PLX3602 amps (LF side fills)
1 QSC USA900 amp (HF booth monitor)
1 Crown XTI 4002 amp (LF booth monitor)

1 High-End Systems Road Hog 3 Full Boar
1 -Optional- GrandMA Light

Instrument Position ONSTAGE
6 Pixelrange PIX60 RGBW LED Par Upstage
3 Clay Paky Sharpy Wash Standard Upstage
4 Pixelrange PIX60 RGBW LED Par Downstage
1 Clay Paky Sharpy Wash Standard Downstage
4 Clay Paky Sharpy Wash Standard Circle Truss
4 Martin MAC250 Entour Circle Truss
16 Martin SmartMac Circle Truss
3 High-End Technobeams Sides and rear
6 High-End Trackspot Sides and rear
2 Pixelrange PIX60 RGBW LED Par DJ Booth front
1 Coemar Venus Mentor M4 (from The Saint) Center Stage
1 Satel Kum (from Studio 54) Downstage Truss